1.General Servicing

To ensure your air conditioning system to work efficiently and quietly, It is recommended to service aircon thrice a year or even opt for bi-monthly servicing to keep it in tip-top condition and reduce the risks of major air conditioner breakdown.
Our general servicing includes cleaning of indoor fan-coil and outdoor condenser as well as drainage pipe vacuum. Based on your Professional Engineer’s assessment, we would provide you with the necessary recommendations and advise in keeping your air-con running in optimum conditions.

2. Yearly Contract Maintenance

We recommend customers to take up maintenance contracts customized to suit your lifestyle, home and budget. This is the best way to keep your aircon in top working condition. Best of all, you would be entitled to our contract discount rates.we offer yearly contracts.
· Aircon Checking
· Aircon Water Leaking
· Aircon Trouble-shooting
· Aircon Repair

3. Chemical Cleaning

Germs and dust accumulates in the aircon coil due to regular usage. Chemical overhaul improves hygiene and quality of the air flow by ridding all this harmful foreign objects. This in turn helps you to save on your electricity bills as your aircon do not have to work harder to cool down your room If your aircon is performing at its peak, we offer chemical washes to help remove clogged debris and dirt. Freeing your aircon from bacteria and other unwanted substances, we ensure that your aircon unit produces cleaner air, is quieter, and enjoys an increased capacity for cooling without using additional power.
· Chemical Washing
· Chemical Cleaning
· Chemical overhaul
· Top up Freon refridgerant gas

4. Checking and TroubleShooting

. Cleaning of filters and blower fans with vacuum and brushing of heat exchanger.
. Washing of drip tray and the flush drain pipe.
. Checking the thermostat, ventilation control, and speed for normal functions.
. Checking the electrical control circuit for safety.
. Checking and tightening of all loose connections.
. Checking of the refrigerant circuits for any leakages.
. Checking and recording various operational data.
. Testing the gas pressure with thermometers.

5. Aircon Installation

Before performing the actual installation, our supervisors inspect the location and determine all the details and requirements of the specific site. We then draw up a customized project solution, involving the best of technicians before installation. As an aircon installation contractoer, we specialise in the air conditioner installation.With our technicians installing your aircon appropriately, there will be a decline in the loss of cool air and your cooling will be more cost-efficient. Besides installation, we also offer you an effective after-sales service, thereby helping you to avoid any future problems. Our highly capable and committed workforce will ensure that we provide only the most competent and dependable services to you.
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